Our Counselors

Our counselors and team consultants are degreed and experienced mental health professionals.

They are master level and above psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family and professional counselors. Counselors have advanced degrees and supervised experience in counseling or psychotherapy.  Team consultants have counseling experience themselves as well as supervisory or consultative experience or training.


Our counselors, team consultants and receptionists provide services as volunteers – they are not paid staff.  In 2016, 180 professionals contributed their time to help Walk-In clients. Many of our volunteers have been with Walk-In for years.

Working in teams led by a team consultant and supported by a receptionist, approximately 100 volunteers are active every month. They represent the heart and soul of Walk-In. They are what make Walk-In services unique and helpful to those with urgent needs.

Interested in joining one of our volunteer teams? Learn more.