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Upcoming Workshops & Publications

Upcoming Workshops

There are no public workshops currently scheduled.  Please check back in the future.


Gary Schoener, Director of Walk-In's Consultation & Training Institute, has authored numerous articles and monographs regarding the conduct and ethics of professional mental providers as well as mental health issues. 

Here is a sample of Gary's works

Duty to Warn and Dangerous Clients

Creative Moments & Challenging Events in Therapy: Bending Rules to Help

A High Risk Situation: The Suicidal Client

Making Training in Ethics & Professional Boundaries Effective and Dynamic

Sexual Misconduct and Wellness

Child Abuse Reporting:  The Rules Change Again

Mandatory Reporting of Professionals

The latter two were originally written for and published by the Minnesota Psychologist Journal, a publication of the Minnesota Psychological Association.  They are re-printed here by permission.