Image of Gary R. Schoener, M.Eq, LP with the text overlay of "Consultation".

About the Institute

About the Institute

The Consultation & Training Institute evolved from Walk-In Counseling Center’s 45-year history of helping fellow professionals solve practice problems.

The Institute is directed by Gary R. Schoener, M.Eq., LP, former executive director of Walk-In Counseling Center. Gary is regularly called on for his expertise and advice — whether it’s consulting for community organizations and mental health agencies, giving workshops on emerging issues, or making presentations to professional groups.  His work is both national and international, and focuses on professional ethics, boundaries and problems in service delivery, and specific advice about difficult cases. Gary has been with Walk-In since 1969, and is an internationally-recognized speaker, trainer and author.

Services by Gary and other associates of the Consultation & Training Institute are defined and priced by project. Income generated by the Institute supports the counseling services provided by Walk-In.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Assessment and coaching of impaired professionals
  • Professional training
  • Consultation to Professionals and Organizations
  • Clinical Consultation

Contact Gary Schoener or click here to learn more about the services offered by the Institute.