Confidentiality Policies

We respect your right to privacy.

Here are some things you should know about confidentiality at Walk-In Counseling Center:

  • You may refuse to give any information you do not feel comfortable revealing. You may remain anonymous, however it is helpful for us to use a name to identify your record.  Please consider making up a first and last name, and use that name if you return.
  • When we do inquire or ask for information it is strictly for our use here at Walk-In. We never share your information unless it is a life-threatening emergency or you have given your permission.  
  • Your counselor may take some notes during your session and enter this information in your record.  You have a right to look at and/or obtain copies of anything in your record.  Records are secured and/or locked.  Typically counseling sessions are discussed with a consultant, the clinic team, or a supervisor to ensure that you get the best service we have to offer.  
  • You and Walk-In staff are the only ones who can see your file. You must sign a release form if you want us to send any information to another counselor or agency. However, there are some exceptions to this.  A counselor may have to release information:  
    • To prevent harm from occurring if you make a serious threat to harm someone, and we believe you are about to do it; or to prevent you from killing yourself.
    • If you tell your counselor of abuse or neglect of a child or a vulnerable adult, a report must be made to appropriate authorities.
    • If you tell us of misconduct by a Minnesota-licensed health professional and identify that professional to us, the counselor has a duty to report the misconduct to the board that licenses the professional. However, you may discuss complaints at length if you do not reveal the identity of the person until you are ready.